About Us

Let us bring a small part of our island life to you

Who are we?

Located in Ibiza, Spain, we have been designing and selling fashion jewelry and accessories across the Balearic Islands since 2006.

Hagar Talmor

Hagar Talmor is the proud founder and main designer for Hagar Talmor Ibiza.
Our work is coherent with our beliefs and values and therefore we are committed to:

  • Fair Trading: We treat our employees, partners and clients with respect and fairness.
    We believe that fair trade not only makes your business better but also helps make everything else better.
  • We Listen: We listen to our clients, we take our clients very seriously and we respond to any complaint, dissatisfaction or suggestion.
  • Environmental Responsibility: In our business as well as in our day to day life we do our best to recycle and maintain a sustainable low signature way of living. Therefore, items are being sent using the minimum packaging materials necessary for safe delivery.  

We hope you enjoy shopping on our website.

The other Ibiza

Most people only know Ibiza as the "party island" but Ibiza is MUCH more than just the clubs and the sandy beaches.
Ibiza has a large hippie community and is a home to 140,000 people from all over the world who share the (mostly) peaceful island life.
Ibiza has beautiful nature and fun walking routes to explore.
Large portions of the main cities in Ibiza are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites for its unique beauty and historical value.  

But most impotently, it is our home...